DIY Beer Themed Gift Basket

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Making your own gift basket is a fun way to personalize a gift. A well put-together gift basket feels like many gifts rather than just one. If done correctly, a gift basket feels more valuable than a single item worth the same amount of money.

The most important part of any DIY gift basket is to select a theme. I chose a beer theme for this homemade basket because my husband loves a good IPA. This basket was a huge hit for valentines day last year.

First, this article will walk you through the essential items you need to put any gift basket together. Then there’ll be a list of beer-related items you can combine into the perfect beer themed gift basket. You can mix and match any of these items to make a smaller or larger gift basket or trade them out for any of your favorite beer themed products, but this is basically what I put in mine. Finally, I’ll give you a step by step (with pictures) of how to put a gift basket together.

The Basket Essentials


The Basket       Basket Filler       Basket Bag       Bag Closer


I chose to get a basket we could reuse for storage, rather than a throwaway basket. This way the basket is part of the gift. I like dark brown baskets when I’m going to use kraft basket filler. It gives it a nice woodsy look.

Basket filler is essential for the end result to look put-together. I chose kraft for this beer themed basket, but it comes in almost every color. This company is my favorite because they have the most/best reviews on Amazon and because they have really good customer service. I actually order this from them by the 10lb box now and wouldn’t get it anywhere else.

Not everyone chooses to put a bag around their gift baskets, but I do. It gives people the sensation of “opening a present” rather than just being given a bucket of stuff. It also keeps your items in place after you arrange them and looks nice.

I went with raffia string to cinch the bag because it’s easy to tie (thicker ribbons are difficult to use for cinching bags IMO) and matches the basket and filler.

The Fun Stuff


The Center Piece: BEER

You can’t have a beer gift basket without the beer. I went with Chimay and Delerium Nocturnum. I suggest just going to your local beer cave and asking the employee on duty for advice on a couple fancy bottles to put in this basket. They know what they’re talking about.


The “back”: Beer Wall Calendar

This beer calendar is the perfect size to use as a flat backdrop against which to prop the rest of my gifts. It’s a really cool beer-themed calendar that fits the style of this gift basket. You could also substitute a large greeting card, a beer related book, or a piece of wall art.

Snacks: a staple of the gift basket

Beer Brittle

This stuff is SO good it’s been winning awards every year since 2004. We’ve bought it a couple times since I put it in this beer themed gift basket. It’s basically peanut brittle with a slight hint of pale ale IPA flavor.

Beer Jelly Bellies

For less than $5.00 these add to the fun of this unique gift basket

Beer Nuts, Sweet & Salty Peanuts

Honestly would it even be a beer themed gift basket without these?

Beer Jerkey

Why? Because men.

Bottle Opener

I knew I needed to put a bottle opener in the basket but I didn’t want to get just any ol’ plain jane bottle opener.Most of the gift ones I saw on Amazon were tacky and idiotic. I like this one because it’s carved out of an actual .50 caliber bullet casing that was fired by the US military, and it’s a veteran-owned company.

Beer Socks

Because you need something other than beer and snacks to round out the gift basket and leave them with something to remember it by.

The How-To

(Pictures are for instructional purposes only. These are just items I happened to have when writing this how-to guide, and this was not a gift basket that I actually made for anyone.)
Fig 1.


1. Start by putting the basket in the bag and folding the bag down aroundit so that you can easily fill the basket and then close the bag. Trying to put a neatly arranged full gift  basket into a bag is not recommended. (See Fig 1.)



Fig 2


2. Next, line your basket with your basket filler such as crinkle paper (See Fig 2.)



Fig 3.

3. Place your items so that they all face one direction with the tallest items in the back and the smaller items in the front. I like to create a sort of “back” to this by putting cards or other flat items along the back wall of the basket for the other items to lean against. Larger stuffed animals are the traditional go-to largest piece for women’s and children’s gift baskets. (See Fig 3.)



Fig 4.


4. Cinch your bag at the top and tie closed with a pretty bow or ribbon. (See Fig 4.)