My top 3 Disposable CBD Vape Pen Choices for 2020

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Lately I’ve been getting really into CBD, or cannabidiol. This chemical component of cannabis sativa is hugely beneficial for me. It has all but replaced ibuprofen and I can take it for headaches without worrying about giving myself a stomach ache. I sleep better than ever, I’m much less sore, my mood has improved, and I have far less anxiety.

This article details my first time using CBD in a vaporizer and lays out some of the most important information I found when searching for the best disposable CBD vape pen.

Vaping is one of the most popular methods of consuming CBD hemp products. This is probably because vaping allows CBD to get into your blood stream faster than by taking edibles, oils, or tinctures. It’s fast acting like smoking cannabis but without all of the tar created by smoking.

Vapor is also more bioavailable than other methods of ingesting CBD hemp extract. When you swallow CBD your liver filters out most of it and only about 6% enters your blood stream. Sublingual tinctures somewhat bypass the liver but only increase the blood concentrations to about 15%. Vaping allows 50-60% of the CBD to enter the blood stream. That means inhaling is by far the most efficacious method of taking CBD.

CBD vape pens provide quick relief for acute problems such as anxiety and pain.

Vaporizing CBD or cannabis extracts is the process of heating an extract to the point where the active ingredients turn into a vapor. This happens at a lower temperature than what is known as the “smoke point” at which cannabis burns. 

Vaping is considered a healthier alternative to smoking because it does not produce tar and is typically free of many toxic chemicals involved in “smoke.”

Vape use is also more effective since burning destroys some of the CBD and most of the terpenes. You absorb more CBD by inhaling CBD vape oil concentrate than by smoking dried hemp flowers.


Vaping can be an expensive and confusing hobby with smoke shops selling fancy vaporizers with proprietary components such as cartridges with particular threading, different batteries, refillable tanks and many different eliquids (some mix nicotine with CBD which I didn’t want.)

I wanted to try vaping CBD without getting into the expense of a specialty vape mod or anything too fancy so I began searching online for a vape starter kit. What I discovered was that the cheapest way to try vaping CBD is to buy a prefilled disposable vape pen. 

Even narrowing it down to prefilled disposable CBD vape pens meant an overwhelming variety of options!

This is a product you really have to be careful purchasing. Since Amazon doesn’t sell CBD, there’s no one-stop-shop for comparing reviews. The majority of brands I tried were either fake or substantially weaker than what they claimed on their website. Even products I got at a local vape shops where I had the chance to look the owner in the eyes were completely fake.

Below I’ll rank the best CBD vape pens I found and review why I like them. I hope this helps you make an informed decision when buying CBD vape pens.

Below is the list of things I think are most important when trying to find the best disposable CBD vape pen.

– Full spectrum hemp extracts work better than isolates because you get more medicinal properties from multiple cannabinoids and terpenes.

– The stronger the better (as long as it’s full spectrum)
– They tend to make full spectrum vape pens in lower doses than pens with CBD isolate but they work better anyway

– Since they’re not rechargeable they have to last long enough to finish the CBD juice in them (many brands that didn’t make it onto this list died early and seemed like a waste)

– Ease of draw
– Not being so harsh that I cough
– Being able to get a nice big puff
– Flavor
– No weird additives

– Warranties and returns available
– Third party lab testing available on the website

Okay so here are my favorite brands


I chose to try this one first because I loved the quality of their CBD tinctures.

Most of the brands I tried were either small doses (40mg per pen or less) of a full spectrum CBD OR larger doses (100mg or greater) of a CBD isolate. It was important to me to get a full spectrum CBD vape oil to take advantage of the “entourage effect” of other cannabinoids and hemp terpenes.

Right away I really liked that the Immortal Tortoise pens were 100mg per pen – which was more than twice the dosage of most of the other full spectrum pens I found online.

Another thing I really liked was that this company had excellent customer service. I’m a blogger so I had questions. I e-mailed several companies with questions about CBD and vaping CBD. The majority of them outright ignored me or at best haven’t gotten back to me yet. A few replied with spammy sale e-mails. The lady at Immortal Tortoise got back to me in 2 days and seemed genuinely helpful.

– .5 ml
– battery lasted through full tank of juice
– Unflavored
– 100mg
– Full Spectrum

– Money back guarantee
– Excellent customer service
– Affordable
– Solid Construction
– Draw activated (buttonless)
– Compact & Portable
– Simply and easy to use

– No added flavor options
– Generic Packaging

Conclusion: This pen definitely delivered on quality and strength. I could feel the difference and the soothing effects of the CBD.

The battery seemed to last longer than other vape pens even though they all claimed to be .5ml. I was actually able to unscrew the mouthpiece and could have refilled it like a traditional vape. I kept faking hits on it until the light started blinking, which signals that the battery was dying. It lasted two extra days.

Although this vape didn’t have any added flavor it did have a robust fresh earthy flavor probably from the terpenes in the full spectrum CBD hemp extract.

It delivered large clouds easily from each hit and I actually had to be careful not to take too big of a puff, I made myself cough a few times. Other pens delivered really puny little hits that didn’t feel as strong.

I liked that I could see the e liquid through the clear glass. It made me wonder what the other brands were hiding. 

However, this product didn’t exactly give me a luxury iPhone unboxing experience, the packaging was pretty generic and the pen itself wasn’t really branded or colored in any way.

The company had excellent customer service and offers a full refund if you’re dissatisfied with their products. Well worth the purchase price. Nothing felt cheesy, chintzy, or fake about this company.

By far, Immortal Tortoise has my favorite disposable CBD vape pen. Unfortunately you can only get them in retail stores around Pittsburgh so that brings me to my runners up…

#2. CBDfx Strawberry Lemonade Disposable Vape Pen

This brand has a lot of products that are being sold at stores all over the place.

I was able to find them in local vape shops as well as order online. This was kind of a pro but also kind of a con for me because the sort of places I was finding it seemed a little sketchy. Several of the other CBD products I got from vape shops like this actually wound up being totally fake or containing sweeteners that weren’t listed on the label.

I did not get any personable direct replies from messages to CBDfx online, but I was able to ask some questions of the employees at a vape shop. They were very nice but not very knowledgeable and the shop was soulless like a mall kiosk except filled with stuff like kratom pills and bongs shaped like male genitalia. Not to hate on them but this is just not my scene.

I’m looking into CBD as an organic medicinal supplement, and it definitely doesn’t get you high. Admittedly it was a little off putting to buy it from a shop selling bongs and kratom (which I think people use to get high.) It’s the sort of place I wouldn’t want my teenage daughter going near.

Nevertheless, the CBD is real and this pen was relatively high quality.

– .5 ml
– Strawberry Lemonade
– Full Spectrum
– 30mg

– Affordable
– Draw activated
– Flavored
– Compact & Portable
– Simple and easy to use
– Draw activated (buttonless)

– Advertises “omega 3 fatty acids” (I can’t find any evidence that you can or should vape essential fatty acids)
– Low dose
– Sketchy retail outlets

Conclusion: if Immortal Tortoise is out of stock and you rely on CBD for chronic pain, sleep, or anxiety this is at least real CBD. The battery lasted until the juice was gone. I enjoyed the sweet flavor but I’d rather not have the additive in my lungs. I’m not doing this for the pleasure of vaping.

I would also prefer a higher potency of CBD to make the purchase of the cbdfx pen worth it. 

This only beat GreenWellness by virtue of the fact that it is full spectrum.

#3. GreenWellness Select CBD Disposable Vape Pen

This company felt more like the Immortal Tortoise company in terms of their website branding and their customer service. They are treating CBD vape pens like a medicinal health product instead of branding themselves in with mall kiosk marijuana drug culture.

This product was substantially more expensive than the other two on my list which is one reason that it is below CBDfx even though I genuinely liked it more. The other reason is that this is not a full spectrum product. 

However, it makes it on my list of favorites because it has the added benefit of essential oils which have health benefits and also offer flavor that I really enjoyed. Prior to purchasing this vape pen I did not know that you could safely vaporize essential oil.

I tried the spearmint flavor but they also offer lemon and lavender flavor options. I imagine lavender would be excellent for helping you fall asleep and combat insomnia. However, I’m not a big fan of lavender as a flavor so I didn’t order that one.

– 225mg
– .5ml which it claims is “150-200 puffs”
– CBD isolate
– Flavored with essential oils

– Additional benefits of essential oils
– Minty Flavor (mild)
– High concentration of CBD
– Pretty color
– Excellent packaging
– Draw activated (buttonless)

– No additional cannabinoids
– No natural hemp terpenes
– No “entourage effect”
– More expensive than other disposable pens
– Small puffs (seemed difficult to get a good hit)

Conclusion: the Greenwellness vape pen felt like a really high quality premium CBD vape pen as far as the packaging and the mechanical device itself. This was the only colorful pen that I received, it’s an extremely bright turquoise with an LED on the end. It also had a good battery life. It stopped giving hits well before it stopped lighting up, so the battery again outlasted the juice.

I definitely didn’t feel the effects as strongly as I do with the full spectrum pens. It also didn’t give nearly as big of hits in terms of how much of a cloud I exhaled than either of the other two on this list. You cannot actually see the juice in it from the outside because the pen is opaque.

One bonus was that the packaging had instructions on how to use the CBD vape pen printed on the side. More of these pens should come with instructions.

I don’t vape recreationally and I never smoked. I prefer the GreenWellness branding and the feel of the company to the cheesier drug culture branding of the CBDfx. It is also almost double the price of the Immortal Tortoise vape pen.

Another thing I’m not sure about…. is it a good idea to vape essential oils? I don’t know if we should be putting these directly into our lungs. It felt strange, and not exactly healthy. However, it did have a delightful fresh mint flavor. 

It tasted nice and I feel okay but I don’t know what the long term effects are. I can’t find any scientific studies on it. I’m not sure I can really recommend doing this.

Final notes: 

Vaporizers can be tricky. There was a lot more of a difference between them than I originally assumed there would be. I suspect most people are going to have to do something like I did and order a variety of different CBD vape pens to see what they like. Buying any of the three pens on this list is a good idea for a quality and convenient starter.

It’s also worth noting that full spectrum vape pens do contain thc. It’s just not enough thc to get you high or make you fail a drug test. It’s mostly in there to support the benefits of the cannabidiol.
I wanted to test the Charlottes Web CBD vape pen but they’re discontinued. The website suggested that they would come back when they found a new manufacturer for their pens. Charlotte’s web is probably the most famous brand of CBD oil, but unfortunately I haven’t had the opportunity to try it myself and let you know what I think…. yet. (stay tuned)

I also want to try both the koi stick and TRUinfusion CBD vapes, based on some comments I found on reddit. However, neither company makes a disposable pen, so it wasn’t appropriate for this review. Everything they make comes with a 350 w USB charger or other charging methods. I may order a reusable pen with a refillable cartridge and review them separately. (again, stay tuned)