Top 10 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

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As much as we hate to admit it, Christmas day is right around the corner and it’s time to come up with the perfect gift for those we love.

Ladies, we’re easy enough to shop for; something sparkly, decent chocolates, and a reason to get dressed up will do. Even if we’re not traditional lady-like ladies our hobbies and interests are usually pretty well known and obvious by now. But what do we get for the men in our lives?! It’s not always so easy to pick!

This handy guide contains the ten best gifts for men in 2018, ranked from least expensive to most expensive. It has something for everyman and even if you don’t pick any of these 10 gifts we hope it will give you some good ideas.

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#1. Chill Rocks Whiskey Stones

These stones are crafted from 100% soapstone and non-porous so they are all natural, easy to clean, and chill his drinks quickly without watering them down.

They come in a gift box with a velvet carrying pouch and at $11.95 you can’t beat the price.

#2. Beer Brittle

This old fashioned small batch peanut brittle has been winning awards every year since 2004. It is a delicious buttery candy with a crunch and a hint of micro brewed IPA (India Pale Ale.)

This would be a great addition to a DIY beer themed gift basket or for a more casual gift-exchange.

#3. Beard Grooming Kit

Not all men have beards but all men who have beards love their beards the way we love kittens and puppies. Whether your man is a mustachioed rapscallion or a full-bearded mountain man show him that you love and accept his whiskered mug with this stylish kit containing a hand-carved natural wooden comb and a 100% boar bristle beard brush. Boar bristle beard brushes are renowned for their ability to smooth and contour beards while being gently on face skin.

This kit comes packed in a luxury gift box and a high quality cotton carry bag while staying under a $20 price point.

#4. Tile, Anything Finder

Last month my boyfriend lost his wallet and it stayed lost for an entire week (it came back out of the dryer of course.) I bought him one of these and we stitched it into his wallet. Try stealing his wallet now, dryer gnomes!

This thing is simply a great gift for anyone, so it’s great for a guy you’re still getting to know. (Or one who is known to lose things.)

#5. Viable Harvest All-Natural Organic Wood Watch with Authentic Leather Band

Minimalist wooden watches are a rising trend in men’s accessories. This watch is stunning. Several reviews mention this watch eliciting lots of compliments at work and in public so it will give him plenty of opportunities to think about you and tell everyone how wonderful you are.

You can also feel good about this purchase knowing that Viable Harvest is a socially responsible company that donates aid to orphans in Haiti and other parts of the world. This watch also comes in a stylish gift box which makes it easy to wrap.

#6. Rocketbook Erasable, Reusable Wirebound Notebook

Is your husband, father, boyfriend, or son a student, a poet, engineer, or just someone who likes to write things by hand? He may be on to something. Studies show that writing things by hand helps people retain information longer and understand things better as compared to typing.

Now he can effortlessly blast those handwritten notes to Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, Box, OneNote, Slack, iCloud and email with the included rocketbook app before wiping the pages completely clean with a damp cloth for infinite reuse. This is the perfect intersection of classic utility and modern tech, and it makes an excellent gift.

#7. Portable Mini LED Projector (1080p)

The man in your life  is sure to have fun with this pocket-sized ultra-portable LED projector. Connect this to your laptop to watch UFC in your backyard while you BBQ, or watch a movie with the family on a camping trip. You can project it onto a white sheet, the side of a tent, or a blank wall as long as the surroundings are dark. On sale for only $48.99 this gadget is a steal and it will seem like you spent a lot more.

Honestly – who wouldn’t want this?

#8. The Omaha Steaks Classic Combo Pack

You know what they say: the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach! If you’re picking gifts for a meat eater consider this award-winning combo pack.

The pack includes:

  • 4 (4 oz.) Top Sirloins
  • 4 (4 oz.) Omaha Steaks Burgers
  • 4 Boneless Chicken Breasts (1 lb pkg.)
  • 4 (3 oz.) Gourmet Jumbo Franks
  • 4 (4 oz.) Individual New York Cheesecakes

Bonus: you’ll secretly be treating yourself to a steak dinner, too. This gift might be an opportunity to follow up your holidays with a romantic cooking date. For those of you in a new relationship consider that cooking dinner together can be a great test of how well you work together as a couple and it gives you a reason to cozy up with a bottle of wine in one of your homes. (Which is, you know… where your beds are.)

#9. Anova Culinary Sous Vide Precision Cooker

First of all just go watch the video for this product on their Amazon listing, observe the way these men look at this sous vide cooker, and then tell me this isn’t one of the most perfect man gifts ever.

Sous vide is a culinary technique in which food is immersed in a water bath and cooked at a very precise, consistent temperature. It’s super easy to do and produces consistent restaurant-quality dishes. Men swear by it as a method of getting steak medium rare from edge to edge. Every man I know who has received one of these as a gift absolutely adores it.

Caution: If you choose this as your valentines gift you may find yourself getting jealous of all the attention it’s getting!

#10. Complete TRX Training Kit

This kit offers a complete full body workout your husband can use in his home, office, or even on vacation. You can anchor it on any door, tree branch, rafter, beam or secured elevation point. Body-weight workouts are perfect for beginners and also effective for intermediate and advanced fitness levels. This product used by professional athletes, the US military, and top trainers everywhere.

This kit includes: TRX Suspension Training Strap, TRX Suspension Anchor, TRX Door Anchor, best-in-Class 35 page full-color TRX Workout Guide & Two Bonus Workouts – TRX Endurance Circuit and TRX Metabolic Blast. Every TRX product is safety tested for up to 350 pounds.

Bonus for you: he gets fitter and sexier!

I hope this list gave you a good idea for something special to get your valentine this year! If you have any questions or other suggestions please feel free to comment below!