Youtheory Collagen Advanced with Vitamin C Capsule Review

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This is the first collagen tablet I tried when sampling products to find and review the best collagen supplement.

The first thing I noticed about Youtheory Collagen is that you can find it everywhere. This brand is available in Costco, target, the vitamin shoppe, and on Amazon. They do an excellent job with both marketing and packaging design and have even won awards from Better Nutrition and Delicious Living. I take from that that they are reputable and widely respected.

These capsules come in bottles of 290 tablets. Taking your collagen in a pill form eliminates the need to mix a powder with anything which means that it doesn’t have to be ranked on flavor. This would be an excellent choice for someone who is very sensitive to taste or smell and has a difficult time drinking powdered collagen mixtures. The bottle suggests that it contains 48 servings.

Six capsules are one full serving. Also, the suggested serving is only 6 grams of collagen. Six grams is well below the recommended 10 gram daily serving.

Youtheory is one of the most affordable collagen supplements on the market. It also contains vitamin C which is necessary for the body to properly use the collagen we get in our diets.


  • Manufactured in the United States
  • Repairs connective tissue
  • Improves circulation
  • Promotes Wound Healing
  • Supports a clearer complexion
  • Promotes healthy weight
  • Supports restful sleep


This is a recognizable brand that is conveniently available in many markets.

It contains types I IIand III collagen which are the only types of collagen with known positive health effects from supplementation.

Youtheory collagen also contains Vitamin C. Many other brands neglect to add this necessary cofactor which needs to be taken with collagen for your body to actually use the collagen to repair tissues.

Capsules are a more convenient way to take collagen if you are worried about the flavor, smell, or mixability of a powder.

This is also an affordably priced product.



Six tablets per serving size is a lot of pills to swallow. Also, one serving is only six grams of collagen hydrolysate which is below the clinically proven recommended daily dose of 10 grams per day. You would actually need to take 10 pills per day to get the recommended dose.



Collagen Advanced with Vitamin C Capsules are a high quality product at a low price. Some people may be put off by the fact that you would need to take a lot of pills to get the recommended serving size. Also this brand recommends a lower serving size than is clinically proven to be effective. I would say this is a good place to start with collagen supplementation – but I would take 10 of them a day which means the bottle would only last 29 days, and not 48 as their bottle suggests.